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Join us for our monthly Tea with Amber Chat Room and keep abreast of the most current issues.

Temporarily adopt United States servicemen's or servicewomen's pets while they are deployed.

Discounts provided for Military personnel and senior citizens.


Amber's Armoire does not use genuine fur, leather or feathers in their products.

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Tea With Amber

Amber Loves Tea Parties!

"Stay awhile for a pot of tea,
And share small talk in the garden with me."

"A tea sip
And a cookie nip...
Makes teatime a happy trip!"

Amber enjoys having tea with her friend, Alyssa...

"Alyssa in Amberland"


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Join us for TEA WITH AMBER in an open chat room.

Parents, kids and pets are welcome to talk with Amber while sipping your favorite tea.

Tea parties will have featured pet professionals such as veterinarians, groomers, trainers, etc. We will also discuss current issues and we will even have a child's session where they can "talk" or even their pets can "talk" to Amber!!

"Tea is served" the third Sunday each month. Teatimes will vary.

Grab your favorite cup and join in on the fun!!

Click here for a schedule of Tea Party events.


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