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Join us for our monthly Tea with Amber Chat Room and keep abreast of the most current issues.

Temporarily adopt United States servicemen's or servicewomen's pets while they are deployed.

Discounts provided for Military personnel and senior citizens.


Amber's Armoire does not use genuine fur, leather or feathers in their products.

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Current Issues

Amber's ArmoireTM keeps you abreast on as many current animal-related issues as possible. Our medical advice comes from veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals.

If you would like to contribute specific issues to Amber's Armoire, please email us and we will post them on our Current Issues page.

It's fun to lend a helping hand.

Become a "Foster Pet Parent".

Temporarily adopt our servicemen and women's pets while they are deployed.

Here in San Diego and in many other parts of the country, our brave servicemen and women are being deployed to parts of the world for an uncertain amount of time.

As a result, many must relinquish their pets by bringing them to the pound, shelters, etc. as they do not have someone to care for them.

We, at Amber’s Armoire, support our troops and encourage you to open your heart and home and permanently adopt or "temporarily" adopt one of these pets.

Please contact your area shelters and military bases to get information on rescuing these pets.

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United Animal Nations Publication

This publication is a great reference to many issues animals face today in our changing world. Please take the time to read the information on their site. Read Article

Pet Owner or Guardian

Pet Owners are now guardians in San Francisco. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance recently to change the city's health code to make pet owners also pet guardians. The reason behind this change is to consider pets as animals and not property. The first city to adopt the change was Boulder, Colorado. Other cities in California are West Hollywood and Berkley. Following are the city of Sherwood Arkansas and the state of Rhode Island.

What do you think?? Should we change from pet owner to pet guardian??

For more stories on the subject check out the following links:

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Appeared in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - March 16
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