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Join us for our monthly Tea with Amber Chat Room and keep abreast of the most current issues.

Temporarily adopt United States servicemen's or servicewomen's pets while they are deployed.

Discounts provided for Military personnel and senior citizens.


Amber's Armoire does not use genuine fur, leather or feathers in their products.

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Memorial Page

We at Amber's ArmoireTM realize the tragedy of losing a pet and offer our deepest sympathy.

If you would like to add your beloved pet's picture to our website free of charge, simply email us his or her picture. Please include your pet's name and a short description.

Also, we urge you to contribute to your favorite charity (diabetes, heart, cancer, etc.). By doing so, we can help eliminate the diseases that both we and our pets share.

Maggie was our wonderful silky. She left us on September, 2000. She was one in a million. When she got excited, she would make a "donut butt" by turning her little body almost in a full circle when she would "bunch". We miss her so much but realize we will see her again someday. Meet us at the rainbow, dear Maggie.

Scotch came to our house by accident. He was lost in the neighborhood and we happened to find each other. Such is fate. He was the most docile, perfect dog anyone could own. He was truly our little prince. He left us on Mother's Day, 2001. We miss him so much. Scotch, we know you are here in spirit - we will always love you.

Mimi was a bundle of white fluff. Our first dog. She was a precious love and a bit arrogant. She was certainly the prima donna of the household. It seems like yesterday that she departed. We miss you so much, Mimi - you will forever live in our hearts.

Gypsy was the little runt of the litter. She was so cute. She would perk her little head up and always let us know when someone was lurking on the porch - such a good little watchdog. She loved to play ball. She would catch it and bring it to us and then back away and push it to us with her nose. Such a little love is very missed. She lived to be 17 years old. Please wait for us, Gypsy, and don't forget your ball.

Faith was our queen. She graced our household with elegance and beauty. She was a show dog and won many Best in Shows. She gave love and loved to be loved. We miss you so very much. Please know you are with us forever.

Giuseppi was a character. He would bellow instead of bark and when he was naughty he would go to his corner and bark back at us. He was soooo cute!! Such a love. We miss your fun and loving ways, dear Giuseppi. You are alive in our hearts.

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